Woman horrified when ‘creep’ texts her after overhearing giving her number to someone else

A WOMAN was left thoroughly freaked out after she received a text from a “creep” who had overheard her giving her number out.

Ally Hope took to TikTok where she shared a screenshot of the message she had received from a bloke named “Jack.”

Ally had been shopping for a new coat and needed to leave her phone number for an electronic receipt – but she had no idea that someone was listening in.

The message shared by Ally, read: “Hi! I was at the register next to you at Burlington earlier today and I heard you give your number for the receipt. 

“I’m Jack, I was the one in the orange shirt.”

Captioning her video, Ally wrote: “Not only does Burlington have coats, they also have creeps 🙂 2 for 1 deal.”

The video has since received almost 5,000 views with Ally’s followers left equally unsettled by her experience.

Commenting, one wrote: “The reason I hate when places ask for my number.

“I’m always paranoid that someone would do this AND THEY DID! Stay safe girl.”

“This is DANGEROUS what the actual,” agreed another, while a third wrote, “Boy probably thought he was being so smooth with this too.”

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