Woman makes bed out of Ikea DRAWERS to give herself more room – and it looks amazing

A WOMAN has managed to create ample space in her studio flat by creating her own bed frame using Ikea drawers.

Whitley Spinnler, a coach and personal trainer shared the genius hack to her Instagram account, wspinn, and it has already been viewed over three million times.

In the caption Whitley writes: "How I created a lot of storage by building a bed out of IKEA closets. Small studio apartment ideas."

Whitley lists the exact products she used in the post so that others can recreate it.

It's a great storage solution for those living in studio apartments, or to make the most out of a box room.  

She said she created the bed because she just has the one room to live in and wanted to maximise the space as much as possible.

She lists all of the items she used to create her space-saving bed.

To start, Whitley builds the KALLAX Shelving unit, 77x147cm, in white and turns it so the longest side is on the floor to create the length of the bed.

She then uses one MALM chest of drawers 160x78cm, in white and uses that to create the end of her bed.

She then builds the final MALM chest of drawers in the same size, and uses it to create one side of the bed.

Whitley uses a small KALLAX unit, 77x77cm, to create the head of the bed.

Whitley keeps the drawer doors facing outwards so she can have access to them at all times.

She also uses a 1cm thick piece of wood the same length as the long Kallax and screws it on top to make the bed sides even in height.

After this, Whitley simply uses a slatted bed base, which you can find on Amazon, and attaches it to her DIY bed frame.

All together the genius hack costs around £350 to make, and people in the comments loved the idea.

One user wrote: "Looks brilliant, great idea for unfurnished studios."

Another person said: "Ooooh what a fab idea!"

A third user commented: "this is sooooo clever!"

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