Woman reveals a GENIUS way to fill in those empty spots on your Xmas tree

A FEW more sleeps and Christmas is finally here – which means it's time to get our trees up shining nice and bright.

But over the years, the ornament box seems to get lighter and lighter – some of the stars are broken, the crystal angels are missing their wings and the lights are all tangled up.

This leaves you with a rather sad-looking tree with 'bald' spots.

Are your guests already knocking at the door and need to zhuzh it up quickly?

Well, there's a super easy way to fill in those empty areas – and this trick will also make your tree look fuller.


The DIY queen, Tracie Garrett, loves everything Christmas – from wrapping oddly shaped gifts to finding the ideal present for your loved one, Tracie has shared multiple tricks on her TikTok channel, which has reached almost 2 million followers.

And more than anything, she definitely has mastered the art of crafting the perfect Christmas tree.

To glam up your tree, you will only need to ingredients – baubles and a string.

Take four of your festive bubbles and simply tie them together, ensuring it's done tightly so the new decoration doesn't fall apart and you're left with broken baubles all over the living room floor.

Now all that's left is placing them into the empty spots!

''If they're red they'll look like holly berries,'' someone was quick to observe.

Another TikToker shared her traditions: ''I like to use dollar tree flowers, spread them out, and stick them between branches, it's so pretty!''

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