Woman’s selfie goes viral thanks to rude pattern on her dress – can you spot it?

And we sincerely hope this woman did, after a photo of her wearing a patterned pink dress went viral since being uploaded to Instagram.

She’s innocently posing in the snaps – even making the peace sign with her hands.

But the floaty dress, which features a beaded neckline, resembles something quite rude.

The unfortunate pattern on the dress looks like a vagina.

It seems the woman's husband spotted it as soon as she tried it on.

She wrote: "So I bought this dress today from Myer because I really liked it … I got home and put it on for hubby and any guesses first thing he said??"

People found the dress hilarious, with one person posting: “First thing I saw!!!!! You're ALL woman!!”

Another said: “Yep first thing I noticed too! But pretty colours.”

A third wrote: “Pretty in Pink, of course!”

It seems the dress was quite popular, as she shared a photo of another woman who revealed her own mum had bought the same dress.

The daughter wrote: "When your mum accidentally buys the 'vagina dress' Good one mum. #vaginadress."

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