You could be a genius if you can spot the three differences in these cartoons in less than 20 seconds | The Sun

THIS game has boggled the minds of those online as they struggle to spot the three differences in this picturesque seaside scene.

The image features two people, sailboats and a gorgeous sunset – but three things are wrong. Can you find them in less than 20 seconds?

Take a close look at the first version of the photo and make sure to take notice of all the details.

Ready to have a go and figure out what's changed in the second one?

While you have a look around for the next 20 seconds, why not try some of our other brain teasers?

If you can spot the dog in this park scene you are said to have 20/20 vision.


You have keen eye for detail if spot the differences between the giraffes

Can you spot the difference between these Beauty and the Beast images?

You can peel your eyes once again with another confusing park image, which also contains a hidden dog.

One TikToker challenged viewers to find the dog hiding among dozens of pandas.

You can also prove your detective skills by locating the hidden dog in a mind-boggling illusion.

It's said that you could have 20/20 vision if you can quickly spot the dog hiding among the pandas.

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The first animal you spot in this puzzle will help you discover your dominant personality trait.

On a similar thread, whichever animal you see first in this mind-bending illusion can tell you whether you are a people pleaser.

Or test your vision by trying to spot the crown-wearing corgi among a sea of the dogs in under 49 seconds.

Time's up!

Did you manage to find the three differences? Don't worry if not, as we've circled the answers for you below.

Take a look on the left side – there's an additional bush where there wasn't one before.

Next to that, there's a new rock that's appeared.

And near the crashing water on the shore, three more rocks have suddenly appeared.

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