I wanted a cowboy-inspired tattoo but there was a spelling mistake… people say it was a bad idea in the first place | The Sun

A WOMAN was mortified when she realised her cute neck tattoo had a major spelling error – but social media users insist the inking was a bad idea to begin with.

TikTok user Destinie Meadors, from Arizona, the US, shared the tattoo fail after the ink whizz had spelt the word entirely wrong.

According to the young mum, she had asked the guru for a small, cowboy-inspired tattoo on her neck that said ''Howdy'' in all-capital letters.

But although the placement of the inking had been nailed, the tattoo itself was a total disaster, as the spelling was wrong.

Instead of saying ''Howdy'', the guru had written ''Hodwy'', leaving Destinie completely mortified.

''We got a good laugh,'' she wrote in the caption by the video.

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Meanwhile, whilst the error was most certainly horrific, it wasn't the only thing that baffled everyone – many wanted to know why the mum had opted for such an inking to begin with.

''Not like it was a great idea in the first place anyway,'' one said.

''Who gets Howdy,'' another was just as confused.

A third penned: ''This always confuses me. Every piece I get tatted on my body I look at the stencil to make sure.

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''Use a morror if I have to. Hope they cover for free.''

Someone else also thought the mum was to blame, writing: ''How did you not look at the stencil beforehand?!?''

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''I think it’s better that way at least it’s original,'' a social media user joked.

After going viral on social media and being slammed for the tattoo, Destinie hit back at all the meanies and gave an update on the situation.

''Y’all, it ain’t that serious. I’m getting it covered up for free.''

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