You have 20/20 vision if you can spot the fish hiding at the bottom of the ocean in less than 20 seconds | The Sun

A BAFFLING brainteaser has stumped even the most eagle-eyed puzzlers.

Challengers are tasked with spotting the fish lurking among the other sea life at the bottom of the ocean.

The mind-bender has proven to be almost impossible for anyone who struggles to focus on paying attention to small details.

Beloved cartoonist Gergely Dudás, who is also known as Dudolf, shared the seek-and-find puzzle on his popular blog.

He scattered colorful squids, seahorses, and starfish throughout the illustration while placing one fish in plain sight.

Puzzlers have just 20 seconds to spot the fish without being distracted by the bubbles, seashells, and shipwreck. 

Do you think you’ve found the fish already?

Dudolf posted the quirky challenge on Facebook, where he boasts over 168,000 followers.

Many people admitted they struggled to solve the brainteaser and looked to the comment section for hints.

One person wrote: “This was harder than the others. Took me a bit longer to find it.”

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Another commented: “I took that one a bit too literally and was only looking along the bottom of the picture lol.”

A third added: “So cute and FUN!”

A fourth chimed in: “The scenery looks amazing!!! This was a little easier for me this time. Thanks!”

The challenge doesn’t look too difficult at first glance but it takes expert observation skills to solve.

Hint: Try taking a closer look at the sea creatures by the shipwreck.

If you still can’t spot the fish at the bottom of the ocean scroll down for the solution.

The brainteaser is the latest from Dudolf who recently challenged puzzlers to spot the owl with a unique vest.

Many people were frustrated and gave up on trying to find the owl after running out of time to beat the 10-second record.

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