You’re a brainteaser buster if you can find all 6 caterpillars in under 25 seconds | The Sun

A SATISFYING new botanical brainteaser promises to delight and test your eyes.

Living Cozy, a platform that shares reviews and suggestions for the best home and furniture brands, created the interior decor illustration.

The experts at Living Cozy designed an aesthetically pleasing botanical roomscape that any plant mom or dad would immediately fall in love with.

This vibrant mid-century modern room is filled with greenery from hanging plants to wide-leaf monsteras to small succulents.

The stunning décor includes plush chairs and floating shelves along with stacks of books, wall macramé, a clock, pencils, a coffee cup, and a watering can.

“This conservatory is full of houseplants and it appears they have attracted 6 sneaky friends from the outdoors,” the brainteaser prompt read.

“Can you find them in this picture below?” it continued, challenging people to find them as quick as possible.

With a mix of earth tones, pops of bright colors, and different textures throughout the illustration, it’s easy for a caterpillar to blend in.

They could be hiding in plain sight or sneakily lurking in between plant leaves and décor pieces.

If you busted this brainteaser already, you're impressive.But if you’re still having trouble finding all six caterpillars, there’s an answer key below.

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The brainteaser answers reveal where each of the insects are hiding, which happen to all be near the borders of the illustration.

On the left side, from one of the hanging plants, a green-striped caterpillar dangles alongside the long droopy leaves.

Another one is peeking out from behind a green and blue book on a shelf.

A third caterpillar lurks inside a plant pot, sitting on top of the soil and blending in with the plant stem.

Then on the right side of the picture, on the top shelf, a red-striped caterpillar is crawling down a matching red book cover.

On a shelf underneath, there’s a pencil holder. In between the blue and brown pencils, a blue caterpillar stands up straight.

And the final caterpillar is hanging out in between the heart-shaped leaves of another plant.

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