10 Crazy Details You Never Knew About Natalie Dormer’s Career

After starring as the charismatic Margaery Tyrell on Game of Thrones, Natalie Dormer is now a household name. She has a list of accomplishments under her belt as well as a bright future ahead of her. But the future didn’t always look so bright. The actor went through some hard times as well!

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Her career should be a lesson to anybody who dreams of being an actor or having success in any industry that’s a little bit tough. Sometimes, it takes a while to make it. But you can’t give up. Keep reading to find out 10 crazy details you never knew about Natalie Dormer’s career.

10 She Got Her First Role Only 6 Months After Graduating

Some actors have to audition for years and years before they get anywhere. It’s a very tough industry! But Natalie Dormer’s first major role came fairly early on in her career. She had only been out of acting school for six months before she won the part of Victoria in Casanova, which was released in 2005.

Dormer attended Webber Douglas in London, and it seemed to equip her with the right skills because she landed her first role, not even a year after graduating! Although she faced hardships later on, she got off to a great start as an actor.

9 But Then She Was Unemployed For Nearly A Year

After doing Casanova, Dormer’s luck seemed to turn. It’s not that she didn’t deliver a good performance in the film. But for whatever reason, she found herself out of acting work for nearly a year. She believes that it was bad representation that kept her unemployed for 10 months.

During that time, she was involved in an independent film. However, it kept on being delayed due to a lack of financial support. This must have been an incredibly disappointing time for Dormer, but we’re glad that she didn’t give up on her dreams.

8 Some Critics Say She Carried The Tudors

Eventually, Dormer won the role of Anne Boelyn in The Tudors—a role that launched her to the global stage and helped her rise to prominence. She received mostly positive reviews for her work in The Tudors, with some critics implying that she carried the show after her departure left “a tremendous void.”

Anne Boelyn was undoubtedly Dormer’s breakthrough role. Playing a queen in a historic setting paved the way for her to show audiences that she had what it takes to play Margaery Tyrell in HBO’s Game of Thrones.

7 She Had Scenes In A Major Film That Were Cut

Being unemployed for 10 months isn’t the only career setback that Dormer faced on her way to becoming a star. She filmed roles for the film Incendiary, which was released in 2008 and stars Michelle Williams, Ewan McGregor, and Matthew MacFayden. But ultimately, Dormer’s scenes were cut from the film.

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We can imagine how disappointing this would have been for Dormer, but it is a lesson for any other aspiring creative out there. These setbacks don’t mean the end of the road is near. They just mean you have to keep trying.

6 She Worked Under Madonna

Slowly, Dormer started to gain more roles and build up her career. She explored different genres and cultivated her talents. At one point, she even acted in the film W.E., which was directed by pop icon Madonna. In the film, Dormer played the Duchess of York.

W.E. is a historical romantic drama film that was released in 2011, the same year that Game of Thrones first aired but a little while before Margaery Tyrell appeared on the show. Dormer worked with Abbie Cornish and Oscar Isaac in the film.

5 She’ll Do What It Takes For Authenticity—Including Shaving Her Head

Dormer is an actor who is completely dedicated to her craft. It doesn’t matter what is required of her—she will do what it takes to bring authenticity to all the roles she stars in. When it came to portraying Cressida in The Hunger Games MockingjayPart 1 and Part 2, Dormer didn’t think twice about shaving half of her head.

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There is no doubt that Dormer is a serious actor who places her work ahead of her own convenience and comfort. That’s definitely an inspiring and admirable trait!

4 She Wrote A Film With Her Ex

They say that it’s not a good idea to mix business and pleasure. Dormer may have learned this first-hand when she co-wrote a film called In Darkness with her ex, Anthony Byrne. The film was released in July of 2018.

The film did not fare well on Rotten Tomatoes, with critics giving it 4.8 stars out of 10. It received a lot of backlash from viewers and the media for containing what was perceived to be gratuitous nudity. Dormer disagreed with these claims, stating that the intimate scenes were necessary.

3 Press Might Be One Of The Hardest Parts Of Her Job

While Dormer has faced a few struggles on her climb to the top, she is now famous around the world for starring in one of the most popular shows of the decade and has an exceptionally bright career ahead of her. But she maintains that her job is not as easy as it seems, and the hardest part about it isn’t the early mornings or the long hours—it’s having to do press.

The actor revealed that she’s been “burnt so many times” by journalists who twist her words and portray her in a way that is inauthentic.

2 She Is Part Of The Harry Potter Universe

Several actors from GoT also appear in the Harry Potter universe, including Natalia Tena, who played Tonks in Harry Potter and Osha in GoT, and David Bradley who played Mr. Filch in Harry Potter and Walder Frey in GoT. While Dormer doesn’t appear in any of the Harry Potter movies, she does narrate the audiobook Harry Potter: A History of Magic.

You have to be pretty lucky to be part of two amazing fantasy worlds and now Dormer can add that accomplishment to her impressive list of credentials.

1 Her Best Career Lessons Came From Being Unemployed

Throughout her career so far, Natalie Dormer has achieved some pretty amazing things. But she maintains that the most she ever learned was in the period when she was an unemployed actor. The rocky period showed her how tough the industry can be and how one role does not mean you have made it.

While she was out of acting work, Dormer was working as a waitress to support herself. She also took on data entry jobs as the acting jobs weren’t coming in. The lesson here is perseverance and determination really can take you so far.

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