BBC Breakfast’s Naga Munchetty shuts down cruel troll who branded her ‘snide’

BBC Breakfast host Naga Munchetty wasn’t playing around when she shut down a fan of the show on Twitter.

The social media troll had branded the regular BBC presenter "snide" in one cruel tweet, and it was clear Naga wasn’t about to put up with it on her page.

The social media user wrote: "I and many others change channels when snide Naga is on. Agree with Rob. What’s worse if you turn the radio on she’s there as well. Why on earth do BBC rate her? Well I know the answer…"

Naga quickly responded to the tweet: "Yet you follow me on Twitter. Oh dear Tim…"

It wasn’t the only tweet Naga found herself forced to clear up, as a since deleted post from another Twitter user also caused her to hit out on social media.

The original post read: "Glad that @BBCBreakfast doesn’t have @TVNaga01 on the sofa again.

"It’s a far more pleasant and professional programme without her snide & irritating comments. Long may the lack of @TVNaga01 on our screens continue."

"Ah Rob," she began. "Thank goodness there’s someone else who is also ‘snide & irritating’ out there. Phew! Long may your own lack of pleasantness continue x."

Fans rushed out in support of the TV broadcaster, with one writing: "Aren’t some people odd, take this Rob for example, actually taking time to post this. Don’t bother wasting any of your time Naga, for every Rob there’s a thousand people who love your work.

"PS, I think you are absolutely fantastic on Radio 5. Smart, insightful, fun and empathetic."

Another wrote: "I agree, she’s really excellent on the radio."

Someone else chimed in: "Must be very tiring all these nasty tweets. Sorry. Ignore them and smile with the thought that everyone else thinks you’re fab! Happy Sunday!"

Another quickly suggested: "Ooh Rob I think there’s only one person here who is being snide and irritating! Now you leave @TVNaga01 to her job, of which she happens to be particularly good at and maybe turn the TV over? Just a thought!"

It comes after Naga was missing from the BBC Breakfast sofa this week, replaced by Nina Warhurst in a definite shake-up for the morning show.

But her mystery disappearance was soon cleared up, as Naga has been busy playing golf up in Scotland and enjoying some time away from the cameras.

A golf course in Scotland tweeted: "Great to see Naga Munchetty from the BBC playing on the Links today at Fortrose & Rosemarkie Golf Club. Great player with a 7 handicap too."

Naga could be seen wearing a bright red sports jacket and golfing glove, along with a blue baseball cap as she grinned for the camera in between holes.

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