Big Brother star Aisleyne admits she had steamy sex session in church toilet

Big Brother star Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace revealed a rather racy story about getting in on in a church loo.

The reality star turned glamour model chatted exclusively to the Daily Star on a Facebook Live tell-all and discussed rather saucy rumours that appeared on her Wikipedia page.

On Aisleyne's Wikipedia page, it currently reads: "She was filmed masturbating on the lavatory, although this footage was not broadcast at the time."

In total shock at the revelation and laughing, she shouted: "Oh my god! Is that on my Wikipedia? Right someone is getting sacked."

She continued: "I mean, I can't remember. I had sex in a church toilet but that is as far as I would go."

Aisleyne starred in the 2006 series of Big Brother, however, she no longer stays in touch with any of her co-stars since the passing of her dear friend Nikki Grahame, who died last year after suffering from the effects of a severe eating disorder.

When asked if she speaks to anyone from her series, she explained: "Erm, no not really it was mainly Nikki.

"But I do love Glynn, he's a priest now. It's like one extreme to the other. Apparently, he's a priest now, and he works in a church in Camden."

She quipped: "That's where I'm from Camden, and I was thinking about going to do my confessions with him but I just don't think he has that many hours in the day."

Showbiz reporter Carly Hacon then joked: "I hope that wasn't his toilet then Aisleyne…"

To which she laughed and said: "It wasn't, it definitely wasn't!"

During the chat, the TV star also commented on her pal Katie Price's brand-new assets and 14th boob job.

Last month, Katie went under the knife for her biggest-ever implants and Aisleyne loves them.

Aisleyne, 43, said: "I just love her look I think she is great she does exactly what she wants to do and good on her. We discuss surgery tips all the time and where to go and what to do, and I just think she's great.

"She looks great, she looks phenomenal. We're the same age and look at her she looks 15 years younger than me. If she's happy, I'm happy."

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