Cardi B Says Her Christmas Decorations Feel Like a 'Dream': 'I Can't Believe This Is My Home' B/instagram B/instagram B/instagram

Feliz Navidad from Cardi B!

On Thursday, the rapper, 28, gave fans an inside look at the home she shares with husband Offset all decked out for Christmas — and she's just as astonished by the festive decor as anyone.

"I haven’t seen my home decorated since I’ve been in L.A. and I just got home from New York," she says in an Instagram video. "I can't believe this is my home. Excuse the mess because there’s been some wrapping going on. This is beautiful."

"Imagine being from New York and going to Macy's … and your house looks like f—ing Macy's," the Bronx native adds as she captures her multiple Christmas trees. "I wanna cry you guys! F—ing dreams come true."

In the post's caption, she added that every time she comes home, "I be proud of us." The home's castle-like living room features five tall Christmas trees festooned with golden Christmas ornaments and fresh roses. Sitting in the hall, under some of the trees and on the room's couches were dozens of wrapped presents.

The couple's 2½-year-old daughter Kulture Kiari could be seen running around the home as Cardi B recorded. On her Instagram Stories, she captured as she and Kulture played hide and seek.

Offset, 29, also shared a look at the family's home on his Instagram, saying "How you like my Christmas trees? Christmas trees going crazy" in an Instagram video of his own. B/instagram B/instagram B/instagram B/instagram B/instagram B/instagram

Just last week, the couple celebrated Offset's birthday — and Cardi B had a sweet message and expensive gift for her man.

"I wish you more positivity, wisdom, health and for God to continue to keep you with a good heart," she wrote on Instagram. "Thank you soo much for helping me these past months getting my business in line (somebody gotta be the mean 1 😅) I❤️u."

That night, she surprised him with a golden Lamborghini Aventador SVJ after hosting a party to celebrate his big day.

This is the couple's first Christmas since Cardi B filed for — and later dropped her filing for — divorce, stating that she did so to teach him a "f—ing lesson."

Since being spotted together as she celebrated her birthday in October, the married couple of nearly four years have been openly affectionate on social media.

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