Elvis Graceland upstairs: ‘I accidentally phoned sleeping King in bed – almost wet myself’

Elvis Presley: Upstairs of Graceland ‘like he just left’ says expert

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When Elvis Presley purchased Graceland in 1957, he had a security wall with one-way mirrors installed on the first-floor landing. The mansion remained an open house for his Memphis Mafia, but they had to be personally invited up into his private bedroom. Now in a new video, his cousin Billy Smith’s son Danny, who grew up at the famous home, has shared how as a child he accidentally phoned Elvis’ bedside intercom when the star was sleeping.

Appearing on his Memphis Mafia Kid YouTube channel, he said: “We used to play around in our rooms and stuff.”

Danny, who was Lisa Marie’s playmate, shared how he wanted their pretend games to be as realistic as possible.

He continued: “So I had picked up the intercom like I was Elvis and I was going to order something from downstairs.

“And I actually messed up and hit the damn button and the number that I hit was actually showed…as Elvis’ bedroom.”

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