Former Temptations Lead Singer Bruce Williamson Dies at Age 49 After Reported COVID-19 Battle

The Temptations' former lead singer Bruce Williamson has died.

Williamson died Sunday night at his Las Vegas home after battling coronavirus, TMZ reported. He was 49.

"There's no words in the world that can express how I feel right now," wrote his son Bruce on Facebook. "I love you Daddy thank you for being awesome thank you for being loving thank you for being Who You Are I pray to God and we will meet again,"I love you Daddy R.I.H KING WILLIAMSON."

Williamson joined The Temptations in 2006 and continued with the group through 2015. He sang soul music after leaving the group. He was set to perform on Sept. 12 at a pay-per-view concert.

"I never lost the dream of wanting to be a Temptation," he said in an interview with Chapter & Verse Network in 2016. "But I didn't want to be an imitation or one who impersonates my predecessors. I wanted to be myself."

As of Monday, Nevada has reported more than 71,600 confirmed coronavirus cases and 1,389 deaths, according to data from the state's Department of Health and Human Services. Nationwide, 188,815 people have died of COVID-19 complications, according to  The New York Times.

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