George Clinton Cancels Retirement Plans as He Hints at ‘Verzuz’ Battle

The Parliament-Funkadelic star has backtracked on his 2019 retirement plans, having second thoughts about dropping the mic as he teases a ‘Verzuz’ performance.

AceShowbiz -Funk icon George Clinton is back-pedalling on his 2019 retirement plans, insisting he’s too healthy to drop the mic.

The 80 year old embarked on what was supposed to be a farewell tour with Parliament-Funkadelic, but now he tells Rolling Stone he’s having second thoughts, thanks to a recent trip to see his doctor.

“I’m gonna pull back from that (announcement),” Clinton says. “I feel good, you know. Got all my bloodwork done with the doctors and all that. I ain’t got no problem. No meds… It’s hello again. You’re gonna have to drag me off.”

“I feel good as hell right now, so if I go out on stage, yeah, cool. You went out funking.”

Clinton plans to cement his non-retirement decisions with a “Verzuz” episode, which is in the works for next month (Aug21). The planned face-off will feature the funk legend and the current touring version of Parliament-Funkadelic up against hip-hop artists who have sampled his work.

Clinton also has two P-Funk albums on the way.

The retirement cancellation came a month after rapper Wiz Khalifa was cast to play George Clinton for a long-gestating biopic about disco music mogul Neil Bogart.

The Casablanca Records boss will be the subject of the movie “Spinning Gold“, which initially had Justin Timberlake cast as Bogart. “Supergirl” actor Jeremy Jordan has since taken over the lead role.

Also joining the line-up is singer Tayla Parx as Donna Summer and Ledisi as Gladys Knight alongside Jason Derulo, who was previously tapped to portray Ronald Isley.

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