How Kid Rock And Loretta Lynn Fooled The Internet

Loretta Lynn is probably one of our favorite people because of her sense of humor. She and Kid Rock seem like they’re an unlikely pair, but believe it or not, they tied the knot — well, kind of. Lynn took to Instagram in September 2020 to share a few shots from her son Ernie’s vow renewal to his wife, Crystal, sharing that it was a wonderful occasion. Loretta also noted that “marriage isn’t always easy,” but they continue to push through. She also wished them many more years of happiness. 

Loretta accompanied the post with a few photos of Ernie and Crystal and then several other shots of herself and Rock, and that’s when things got weird. “Things got crazy then–my boy @kidrock was there, and we’ve always teased about getting ourselves married. Well, the preacher was already there, so we had some fun with it,” Lynn wrote. “Sorry girls, he’s taken now!” She also added a few clever hashtags, including “88 and feeling great” and “cougar.”

It comes as no surprise that fans went wild over the upload, as did we. Many people congratulated the pair on their nuptials, while several others were simply left scratching their heads. “Go for it, Loretta I would if I had the chance !!!! Love you, you are an amazing woman !! And what a man,” one fan commented. “Lorettie you so lucky!!!” another Instagram user exclaimed. 

So was it really happily-ever-after for Loretta and Kid? Keep scrolling to find out! 

Inside Loretta Lynn and Kid Rock's short-lived marriage

While we really wish that a love story like Loretta Lynn and the sometimes-controversial Kid Rock existed, we’re sorry to say that the Instagram post was nothing but a sham. However, the pair did generate a lot of buzz and fooled many people into thinking they were married. That was probably the purpose of the whole thing, anyway. Loretta broke the news to fans the following day with another post that included pictures of herself and Kid. “Well, it didn’t last long, y’all but it sure was fun! I guess I better get on here and let y’all know that it was just a joke— @kidrock and I didn’t get married over the weekend, but we had a blast,” she wrote on Instagram. She also included several clever hashtags, including “calm down” and “it’s 2020 so you never know.” And just like that — as soon as it began, it ended.

Fans had mixed reviews, with many applauding Lynn for having a sense of humor and a few more chiming in that they didn’t feel the joke was all that appropriate. “Love you and absolutely love that you and Kid Rock can have those wonderful happy moments,” one fan commented. “Well glad you had fun with it Miss Loretta. I’ve been saying for years Kid Rock is my next ex husband,” one more joked. “But I’m hoping we last just a little bit longer than the weekend.” 

Not going to lie; the pair also had us fooled for a bit!

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