Katie Price calls mum a ‘plonker’ and films her crying after emotional TV show

Katie Price was in hysterics as her mum Amy, 70, was wiping away the tears after watching Britain's Got Talent on Saturday (April 23).

Katie, 43, shared the clip in the watchful eyes of her 2.7million Instagram followers as her mum wiped away tears as cheers could be heard in the background from the TV screen.

The mother-of-five was chuckling at her as she can be heard saying: "Mum we're only watching Britain's Got Talent. What are you crying for? You're such a plonker."

She also added: "I'm going to show everyone this!", while her mum defiantly responded: "No you're not!", but Katie was having none of it.

Katie immediately chirped back: "Oh I am. I'm going to show everyone that deep down I am like you, I do have a heart, especially when you cry at Britain's Got Talent."

As she shared the video of her teary mum, she wrote: "Love how soft my family really is. I so take after my mum. She is such a donut sometimes!"

Fans flooded in to gush over Amy, with one person writing: "Your mum is a sweetie!"

While another added: "Aww she's so beautiful," and a third chirped: "As you get older your emotions shine through."

And it seems that while fans were gushing over the sweet candid clip of Amy, others were quick to side with her as one person wrote: "Me and my sister just cried as well watching BGT as our sister has Down Syndrome – so glad David pressed the Golden Buzzer."

Another said: "I was crying too. So well deserved the Golden Buzzer."

Katie's sweet clip of Amy comes as no surprise as the pair spend time together on a regular basis, with Katie sharing a snap of Amy and Harvey just weeks ago.

Earlier this year Amy opened up about dying in Katie's TV show as she declared she was making a "happy room" at Katie's home to give her somewhere to go when she feels sad or uncomfortable.

Katie was emotional at the idea, telling the cameras that it "could potentially be the last thing she ever does for me".

Amy was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis in 2017, an incurable condition where the lungs become scarred and breathing becomes painful and increasingly difficult.

The pair are together most of the time, with Katie showing endless love and support for her mother as she battles her heartbreaking illness.

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