Kelly Clarkson Finds Coloring with Her Kids 'Therapeutic' amid Divorce: 'It's Really Soothing'

Kelly Clarkson is sharing her Christmas tips ahead of the holly, jolly holiday.

In Friday's episode of her talk show, The Voice coach, 38, responded to her viewers' submissions and gave helpful advice on how to handle their awkward, and sometimes hilarious, family situations as the festive day approaches.

One fan accidentally revealed to her "Dad's not-so-fun side of the family" that she will be spending the holidays with "the fun ones" by mistakenly adding her paternal aunt into the wrong group chat — after she first said she would not be celebrating this year because of the pandemic.

"You are in so much trouble!" the singer said with a laugh. "Here's the thing, don't lie. Just own it. Be like, 'Look, maybe this is your opportunity to become the fun ones.' You can't lie. In that situation you just gotta be like, 'Sorry, it was a turd statement. I do stand by it. Maybe let's do something to turn it around, a family game maybe?' You dug that hole and now you're just sitting in it. Happens to the best of us."

The playful segment comes amid Clarkson's divorce from her husband Brandon Blackstock, after almost seven years of marriage. The two are parents to daughter River Rose, 6, and son Remington Alexander, 4. After an L.A. County judge granted Clarkson primary physical custody of their children last month, the music manager, 43, is seeking $436,000 in monthly spousal and child support.

As part of the star's holiday tips and tricks segment, the 3-time Grammy-winner also suggested that viewers create personalized, homemade gifts, which she enjoys creating with River and Remington.

"I love making stuff," she said. "Not only because it's fun to create something, but it's therapeutic. When I color with my kids, I'm doing it because it's fun with them and they love it, and they ask me to do it. But it's [also] really soothing, oddly. I used to laugh at people when I saw adults with coloring books … I didn't get it. Now, I am one of them. It's really therapeutic and this has been a hard year."

The singer also gave her two cents on how to handle conversations about politics and religion with loved ones during the holidays. Said Clarkson: "I don't like when people say, 'Don't talk about faith or politics or all the big issues' That's how we got here. That's how we got to 2020, because no one talks about stuff, [and] that doesn't fix the problem. It doesn't help in any way, shape or form on either side. Why would you not want to have conversations about stuff like that? Because maybe, what I think about something isn't really right and I didn't really think about it in that way or vantage point or perspective."

She then shared an example from her own experience with navigating such discussion after sharing that she and her mom, Jeanne Taylor, do not always agree on their viewpoint. But Clarkson said they respect one another regardless.

"My mother and I are very different on some things, but [we both] want to be loved and respected and helpful and [have] a servant's heart," she said. "There are a lot of core things there. Granted, we are different in some other ways, but that's not a problem."

"That's one reason why I love that I was born in America… People got to come here and you got to believe what you wanted to believe, and you got to [be] who you want to be. That should be celebrated," she added. "But, I do think no progress will happen, no change will happen, unless we talk about it."

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