Kim Kardashian says ‘I’m not a meteorologist’ after confusing hail for snow

Kim Kardashian was no doubt feeling slightly embarrassed after she'd taken to Instagram to tell her 209 million followers that it was "snowing in Calabasas", with masses of eagle-eyed fans showing up to highlight her error.

The 40-year-old reality star really couldn't hide anywhere as she'd unleashed a flurry of posts wrongly showcasing hail instead of white flakes.

After being called out Kim decided to own her mistake, hitting back at those who'd spotted the blunder and explaining that she wasn't "a meteorologist".

In an initial snippet, she unveiled the ice droplets that began to heavily fall from the sky, adding: "Ok this is insane you guys, it's snowing and i'm in Calabasas, I don't know if you can see that but this is absolutely insane."

Another post saw her holding hail in the palm of her hand as the SKIMs founder excitedly chirped: "This is crazy it's literally snowing in Calabasas".

So shocked by the 'snow' fall, she returned for a third video explaining: "This is insane my basketball court is white with snow, this is insane!"

Before long it was apparent that Kim had confused hail for snow after thousands of online users took to their own feeds to laugh at her expense.

Hitting back, Kim penned: "Ok Ok I get the message! It's hail!!! Not snow!

"I'm not a meteorologist people! Never claimed to be! I know I got 30 jobs but a meteorologist ain't one!

"If it's hailing in Calabasas in March I call it snow! Okkkkurr!."

Sharing the joke among fans, Kim couldn't resist sharing some of the comments that had hilariously flooded in.

One post read: "@kimkardashian that's hail my love, not snow."

Another quipped: "If @kimkardashian says it's snow, it's snow. I don't care what my seventh grade geography teacher says."

A third said: I don't wanna laugh but I am. Poor Kim. She's all intrigued too. Lol in her defence it is cold over there right now so I could see how she thinks it's snow."

The laughter and good spirt was probably a welcome break for Kim who filed for divorce from Kanye West citing "irreconcilable differences".

Kim and the rap star share kids North, seven, Saint, five, Chicago, two, and Psalm, 19 months.

According to the legal documentation in relation to the power-couple's split, it has since been reported that the TV star has requested shared custody.

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