‘Meghan Markle is a brat, but Jeremy Clarkson’s comments are revolting’
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    I agonisingly watched the entire Harry and Meghan docu-series on Netflix, along with millions around the world.

    Six hours of my life I'll never get back and it wasn't worth it (predictably).

    It will come as no surprise to readers that I detest both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

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    Their incessant whining about finding privacy, yet starring in all kinds of media is beyond infuriating.

    The perpetual bashing of the Royal Family, even when Prince Philip was seriously ill in hospital, is disgusting.

    Self-aggrandising, saccharine, and narcissistic: words that encapsulate the couple in every essence of their existence.

    However, there's always a line when it comes to calling out anyone, regardless of royal status and fame.

    Jeremy Clarkson's comments about Meghan Markle, likening her to serial killer Rose West and writing he's "dreaming of the day when she is made to parade naked through the streets of every town in Britain while crowds chant, 'Shame!' and throw lumps of excrement at her" is abhorrent.

    I despise both Harry and Meghan in equal measure.

    Anyone who sells their family down the river for cash, albeit millions, is trashy.

    In my eyes, there's no difference in how both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have acted towards their families and the subsequent harmful actions they've taken since leaving the UK.

    Most of us have watched the Netflix docu-series that idolises the couple in a sickly sweet fashion that would make anyone diabetic.

    Yet, I would never "dream" of seeing Meghan or any woman walk "naked" through the streets whilst having sh*t hurled at her.

    It's a stomach-churning, pornographic visual that anyone with a right mind wouldn't wish any living person to experience.

    Yes, I understand the reference to Games of Thrones, freedom of speech, and comedic licence.

    Nevertheless, the "cellular" hatred Clarkson writes about is a feeling I can't empathise with.

    I also don't understand the focus on Meghan when Harry is just as culpable when it comes to the inflictions upon the Royal Family.

    Comparisons to a serial killer who murdered at least nine young women is an absurd analogy to convey Clarkson's loathing.

    It delegitimises the seriousness of Clarkson's writing and makes me think he's just being hateful for the sake of being hateful, without any purpose other than shocking his readers.

    Clarkson tries to substantiate the calls for Meghan to be publicly humiliated by writing: "Everyone who's my age thinks the same way."

    No they do not.

    Once again, I have castigated the couple equally over seemingly baseless privacy claims; grandiose narcissism; and a level of malice directed at the Royal Family and the late Queen Elizabeth II that made my blood boil.

    However Meghan does not deserve this kind of poison that's coming from Clarkson's pen.

    If I can admit that, I'm sure millions of people around the UK and probably the world, even some of their harshest critics, will concede the extremism in Clarkson's writing is grossly out of order.

    The former Top Gear presenter claims he was bullied at school.

    Later, he lost his job at the BBC for violently lashing out.

    Now he funnels misogyny via a national newspaper.

    Victims of bullies either become the best people or the worst.

    It seems Jeremy Clarkson has evolved into the latter.

    Enough with the justifications of age to somehow vindicate these scummy broadcasters.

    He punched one of his producers.

    Now he compares the Duchess of Sussex to a serial killer and someone who deserves public torture.

    This man needs to reflect and apologise.

    However, Clarkson's latest statement issued via Twitter (likely drafted by a publicist with sweaty palms in a Mayfair pub) scrambled together some nonsense about how "horrified" he is by the reaction.

    Devoid of apology.

    Clarkson's career isn't pinged on causing outrage.

    He's minted.

    Presumably, Clarkson could retire and live in Barbados for the rest of his life without a single concern for cash.

    But somehow this op-ed screams someone trying to survive on stirring vitriol in order to keep the roof over their head.

    There's a gleaming desperation that we saw in the columns written by Katie Hopkins.

    I'm not saying Meghan is a saint.

    The Duchess has been accused of bullying, claims she denies, but you can see her smugness flaring across the TV screen.

    Nevertheless, she is human, she is a woman, she is a mother, and she has feelings.

    The press should write about them and the Royal Family, and any celebrity for that matter.

    If Harry and Meghan use the press to star on front covers of magazines, they need to accept the criticism that comes with that.

    But what Clarkson wrote is inexcusable.

    It wasn't funny, witty, or clever.

    Fine, if you don't like the couple, issue complaints to both of the Sussexes.

    It's simple to assume Meghan is a witch that's casted a spell over the half-wit Harry, Prince of Hollywood, but both have led the charge to desecrate the Institution, not just the woman.


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