Mystic Meg dies as tributes pour in for ‘most famous astrologer’
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    Mystic Meg has died aged 80 after suffering from flu.

    The astrologist, real name Margaret Lake, was admitted to St Mary's Hospital, Paddington, London with flu.

    She died at 3:45am on Thursday, March 9, as her agent of 34 years, Dave Shapland, confirmed the news to The Sun and praised the "most famous astrologer".

    He said: "Nobody came close to Meg in that respect. She was followed by millions in this country and also around the world."

    Dave praised Meg for becoming a part of the "English language", adding that people will often respond: "Who do you think I am, Mystic Meg?", adding: "It shows what an impact she made."

    Tributes have poured in from celebrities across the UK with TV favourite Piers Morgan writing: "Mystic Meg was Britain's most famous astrologer and a fascinatingly mysterious lady who loved her work with a passion but was rarely seen or heard in public."

    Piers, who worked with her at the News of the World, said: "She was extraordinarily professional in everything she did. A master of her very popular craft."

    Fans also took to Twitter to share their heartbreak of her death, writing: "Saddened to hear of the passing of Mystic Meg. I can always remember her doing the lottery predictions on the national lottery draw on a Saturday night my thoughts are with her family and friends. RIP Mystic Meg."

    Another said: "Ahhh sad news about Mystic Meg, RIP we're all going through our last readings from her now."

    Mystic Meg was the face of National Lottery after sharing her winning predictions with the nation each week from 1994 to 2000.

    During her time working on News of the World, the favourite brought in a whopping £200,000 a year pay cheque.

    Her predictions soon brought her to the attention of the National Lottery – and she previously told the New Statesman: "Just before the Lottery started, I got the big money rune.

    "On that same day, I got a call from National Lottery Live, asking me to make a prediction on the first show."

    She added that the big money rune was for other people, and after correctly predicting facts about the winner, she was asked back to the show.

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