Rapper says Lidl worker didn’t bat an eyelid at trolley filled with 100 bananas

A rapper who walked out of Lidl pushing 100 bananas in his trolley has become an unlikely guru for fruit lovers.

It's fair to say independent London-based artist Bushrod has something of an alternative approach to self-promotion.

Followers of the hip-hop artist will now know him as a rising food critic, even if that only extends to comparing curved yellow fruits from Tesco to Waitrose.

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His recently revealed fanaticism of bananas is not quite as random as it sounds, rather it goes some way in explaining just one of the brilliantly creative scenes in his new music video.

Bushrod told the Daily Star how laid-back single Open Ocean touches on his personal transition from small town living to the Big Smoke which has left him feeling "isolated and lonely at times"

And the shot of him lying among a floor of bananas?

"I bought 100 and it came to £14.28. That's a pretty good bargain if you ask me," the witty wordsmith said.

Ever the professionals, however, the Lidl cashier who scanned each fruit appeared unfazed by the entire transaction.

Bushrod explained: "Well, I thought with having 100 bananas on the conveyer belt, the staff may have been wondering what was going on but funnily enough, the staff didn't bat an eyelid.

"They did have to weigh each individual banana on the scales though, which did take a bit of time!"

He continued: "Generally speaking, my music videos are always inspired by the song. I always like to include a bit of personality and humour into my art – capturing real life human emotions is an important aspect for me.

"I love bananas, so it was only right that I had to include bananas into the video. I also made my own banana stickers too – I think just having fun with the creative side of the video makes it enjoyable for me."

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It appears Bushrod who's now launched bushrodsbananas.com, has since found himself inundated with likeminded memes from fans.

He continued: "Funnily enough, I get a lot of DM's from people sending me banana memes, every time someone sees a banana related post they decide to send it to me for some reason – not sure why, maybe it's because I'm a banana addict."

Bushrod's movement in the banana scene continues to blossom with the release of branded T-shirts and a freestyle rap but ultimately it's Open Ocean making the biggest waves.

He added: "The response has been really overwhelming. Spotify have added the track to their New Music Friday playlist which was a nice surprise! Interestingly, people really love the bananas featured in the video, as well as the puppy – those two seem to be peoples favourites haha."


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