Nicola McLean says major ITV show is only reason she’d get GG boobs out for fans
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    Nicola McLean has revealed the only reason she would get her kit off on TV.

    The I'm A Celeb star chatted exclusively to the Daily Star and said she would be up for going on The Full Monty, if the show returned.

    The programme has famously seen some of the UK's biggest celebs strip off in order to raise money for cancer charities.

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    When asked if she would ever be up for doing it, Nicola, exclusively said: "Definitely – I would, my mum had breast cancer actually so I know how awful it is with chemo and everything. It is awful.

    "The problem is with me, I know nobody ever believes it but I'm a lot shier than people think. I don't mean body-wise, but I'm a lot more reserved than you think I would be.

    "People are like 'I didn't expect you to be like that'.

    "I would struggle with the show not because of the nakedness but because I'm a lot quieter in real life.

    "Unless I could do it drunk then I'd be brilliant, a couple of tequilas and I'm your girl.

    She continued: "But I'm a lot more reserved than people think, people always think I'd be really loud but I'm not.

    "Bizarrely, I'm not an attention seeker, on a table at an event, I would be quite happy to sit and listen.

    "Body-wise, I'm not worried about being naked that's the easy part for me.

    The Celebrity Big Brother star then revealed that she would be rubbish at doing the show, but would still take the opportunity.

    Nicola, 41, added: "I'm just the s***test dancer you could ever imagine though, I can't dance, you know how people went to dance and stuff like that when they were younger, I never did, I was an army cadet.

    "I'm not really a girly girl, so I would be s*** at it, but I'd do it.

    "When the celebs are doing their commentary and are like 'I don't know if I'm going to be able to show my boobs at the end', that would be the easy bit for me."

    Previous celebs which have starred on the ITV show include Jake Quickenden, Christine McGuinness, Chris Hughes and Linda Lusardi.


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