Pat Sharp and Chris Waddle back bid to bring back the mullet in 2021

Telly legend Pat Sharp and ­England hero Chris Waddle urged people to grow a ­mullet in 2021.

The pair, who were proud of their big barnets in their heydays, reckon a mullet boom will raise much-needed smiles.

The call-to-arms comes after top hairdresser Tony Copeland said the mullet was seeing a resurgence, due to pop stars like Miley Cyrus and Rihanna.

Fun House star Pat, 59, said: “I completely support the Daily Star’s campaign for the return of the mullet.

“Lets make 2021 a celebration of good taste and fashion – 2020 has been such a tough year for so many and we could do with some fun in ’21.

“What could be better than to bring back the mullet, a hairstyle which I proudly wore in the ’80s and which a new generation can now enjoy too.”

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He added: “Some things in life are ­better shared – and the mullet, loud and proud, is one of them. Let 2021 be the year of the mullet.”

Three Lions hero Chris famously trimmed his mullet before England lost to Germany at Italia ’90 when he missed a shootout spot kick – and he still blames it on not having his trademark style.

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He said: “Yeah, I’m all for mullets coming back. If it gets people talking about something other than Covid-19 I’m all for it, man.”

Asked if he would grow his, the former Tottenham, Newcastle and Marseille winger added: “I was 60 on Monday so I don’t know if I’d suit a mullet at 60. I haven’t got the patience for it to grow.”

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