Roddy Ricch Deletes His Social Media Accounts After Fans Trash New Song Preview

Some online users criticize a preview of the Grammy-winning rapper’s unreleased track called ‘Out of My Mind’, with one person writing, ‘It ain’t horrible but needs work.’

AceShowbizRoddy Ricch seemingly couldn’t accept criticism over his new music too well. After a snippet of his unreleased track got roasted by fans, the “Down Below” spitter deleted his social media accounts.

The 23-year-old unleashed the “Out of My Mind” preview on Saturday, February 5. In the audio clip, the Grammy-winning rapper can be heard singing, “I been low, I been high/ I been out my body, out my mind/ When you take my soul, take yo’ time.”

Unfortunately, fans were not pleased by the preview and they didn’t shy away from expressing their disappointment. “It ain’t horrible but needs work,” one user wrote. “I hate to see an artist like him go down hill.”

Another person commented, “We don’t need this on God… keep it, I’m good.” A third individual, meanwhile, opined, “It’s safe to say Roddy Ricch blew up before we could see his true potential.”

The negative reaction didn’t go unnoticed by Roddy, who wrote on Instagram Story, “Guess I’m a flop now [peace sign emoji] s**t crazy.” Shortly afterwards, the emcee deactivated his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Since then, many showed support to Roddy and put the critics on blast. One in particular was DJ Akademiks who tweeted, “Roddy Ricch just need to get back on grind mode.. and its hard for artists to do after they’ve had hella success.”

“Nobody loves you that much to wait 3 years for project. Feed the skreets,” he added. “OFTEN..or watch them turn on u word to NBA YOUNGBOY [YoungBoy Never Broke Again]. unless u [Kendrick Lamar], [Frank Ocean] etc.”

One Twitter user, in the meantime, penned, “We need to remember that Roddy Ricch is only 23 years old and is still finding his place in the industry. Artists are still people.” The person added, “I hope he’s doing good mentally. I know he’ll bounce back and we’ll be waiting.”

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