The Young Ones’ Nigel Planer says ‘spirit guide’ has given him success in life

The Young Ones star Nigel Planer owes his success to a spirit guide who has helped him through his life.

The 69-year-old actor – who is most famous for playing hippy Neil alongside the late Rik Mayall as Rick in the 80s student sitcom – has had a recurring dream throughout his life in which he meets a “cartoon wizard” who speaks with him.

As a child, Nigel thought it was a nightmare and he was scared of the wizard but he had a meeting with a medium who told him to not be afraid because this strange figure was here to help him during his time on Earth.

The comic star revealed to ForteanTimes magazine: “I once consulted a medium who was quite impressive.

“She said, ‘I can see your spirit guide … he’s sitting beside you, right now’.

“She said she’d been able to do this since she was a kid, when she was found in graveyards talking to people.

“There were other things she said that made me think there was more to it than I was capable of understanding.

“She described my spirit guide to me… and it wasn’t irrefutable, but the being she described was a thing I’d had a recurrent nightmare about since I was a kid.

“And she explained to me that I was wrong to be frightened.

He was there to help when needed. And I don’t know if it was bollocks or not, but it was dead cool…”

He said the guide looked a lot like a cartoon wizard from a Terry Pratchett book.

Nigel has an interest in other worldly matters. He has taken part in a Ouija Board session to try and contact spirits and has studied astrology.

When asked if he’d ever done a Ouija Board, he said: “As a kid, yeah. And I studied astrology a bit in my youth.”

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