This Is How Coldplay’s ‘Yellow’ Is in ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Despite Initial Racism Fears

Director Jon M. Chu gushes that the song describes ‘the color (yellow) in the most beautiful, magical ways.’

Coldplay initially refused Jon M. Chu permission to use their song “Yellow” in his film “Crazy Rich Asians” for fear it would seem racist.

The soundtrack for the new movie features pop tracks with a Chinese twist, and the Asian-American filmmaker was keen to use the band’s 2000 hit as he loved its lyrics and wanted to use it to subvert the colour’s use as a racist slur towards Asians.

Within an hour of him writing to the band they responded and agreed, meaning Chinese-American YouTuber Katherine Ho could record a Mandarin version of the song – which is heard during the film’s climax.

In the past, the band have faced accusations of cultural insensitivity and appropriation for borrowing music and imagery from Asian nations.

The video for their 2012 hit, “Princess of China”, which featured Rihanna in traditional oriental clothes, drew strong criticism. They were at the centre of another controversy in 2016, as the video for Hymn for the Weekend was shot during the Hindu festival of Holi – with collaborator Beyonce clothed in traditional dress. The latter provoked particular outrage, as one Hindu leader accused the artists of treating their religion “frivolously”.

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