Watch Post Malone Sing ‘Seven Drunken Nights’ With Jimmy Fallon

Post Malone and Jimmy Fallon transformed The Tonight Show into an Irish pub for a raucous rendition of The Dubliners’ “Seven Drunken Nights.” Backed by a band, the duo swapped verses before coming together for the rousing chorus.

In the clip, each holds (and sips from) a pint of beer while the song unfolds. They urge the audience to clap along during the chorus, resulting in a boisterous finale. The actual performance is a bit put-upon, with Fallon feigning intoxication as he struggles to read the teleprompter, but still fun.

Malone also joined Fallon for a round of beer pong, as well as a sit-down interview to discuss his upcoming Posty Fest. “What happens at a Post Malone concert backstage?” Fallon asks. The musician replies that they listen to Shania Twain, eat gummy bears and play beer pong. Fallon asks if the pair can play a round, explaining they are playing standard beer pong rules. The beer of choice: Post Malone Bud Light. In the end, Malone is far more practiced at the game than Fallon.

Post Malone also revealed that Posty Fest 2019 will take place November 2nd in Dallas, Texas. The musician himself will headline the show, with more artists to be announced. Last year, during the first edition of the festival, Malone was joined by Travis Scott and Tyler the Creator.

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