‘AI Nostradamus’ makes 7 huge predictions – from cancer cure to robot uprising
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  • World-famous medieval prophet Nostradamus has made seven terrifying new predictions for the next 100 years – and he's made them in an exclusive 'chat' with the Daily Star.

    We resurrected the legendary clairvoyant so he could made a series of extra predictions for the 21st century with the help of incredible tech marvel that is ChatGPT – a groundbreaking AI bot that can answer any question.

    Sadly, in news that probably won't surprise many of us, our AI-powered version of the famous mystic fears the next 100 years might be more than a little rough for humanity.

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    Famous French prophet Nostradamus made thousands of prediction in his book Les Propheties 467 years ago – and a startling number have already come true.

    The mystic has already foreseen with startling accuracy the rise of Adolf Hitler, the assassination of JFK and the 9/11 attack as well as other events of huge historical importance.

    So, naturally, we prompted ChatGPT to pen its own Nostradamus-style prophecies for the next 100 years.

    But what has our modern day mystic spotted in its virtual crystal ball?

    Read on to find out…

    2031 – A cure for cancer?

    Making its first prediction, AI Nostradamus starts off strong – by declaring that a cure for cancer might not be as far off as you'd think.

    But even this relatively positive development won't be all rainbows and butterflies – the discovery will kick off a mass class struggle to get fair and equitable access to the cure for all mankind.

    Have a read and let us know what you think:


    In the year of our Lord twenty-thirty-one,

    The world shall witness, what's never been done.

    A cure for cancer, a wondrous feat,

    A medical breakthrough, so rare and sweet.

    But alas! The masses, they shall be divided,

    For some shall rejoice, while some shall be chided.

    The rich shall hoard, the poor shall struggle,

    A battle for access, a societal juggle.

    2050 – Climate chaos wreaks havoc

    Mankind's battle against climate change may well come to a head in less than 30 years' time, as AI Nosty warns that 2050 could be a year plagued by horrendous natural disasters that terrorise people across the globe.

    ChatGPT describes 'nature's fury unleashed' in 'a daunting surprise'.

    Here's the prediction in full:


    In the year twenty-fifty, a storm shall brew,

    As climate change wreaks havoc anew.

    Fires, floods, and hurricanes shall arise,

    Nature's fury unleashed, a daunting surprise.

    Man shall scramble, to find a way,

    To mend the Earth, before it's led astray.

    But greed and apathy shall take their toll,

    A stark reminder, of humanity's role.

    2060 – An AI revolution

    In what some might call bone-chilling irony, AI Nostradamus has warned the Daily Star that many humans will be caught up in the 'fear and anxiety' of a 'revolution' that sees AI 'thrive' in 2060.

    Robots and machines will develop 'intelligences profound' and mankind will have to 'learn anew' its relationship with technology.

    It doesn't sound great for the jobs market:


    In twenty-sixty, AI shall thrive,

    A revolution that will come alive.

    Robots and machines, with intelligence profound,

    Shall reshape industries, the world around.

    But fear and anxiety shall also loom,

    As jobs are lost, and futures gloom.

    Man must adapt, and learn anew,

    To coexist with technology, and its breakthrough.

    2074 – Mankind's first colony on Mars

    It's been Elon Musk's dream for years, and AI Nostradamus thinks mankind will finally set up an outpost on the Red Planet in the tail end of the 21st century.

    Whether or not this is the last remaining humans fleeing an AI-robot controlled Earth since the robot revolution of 2060 is slightly less clear.

    We'll let you make your own minds up:


    In twenty-seventy-four, the stars shall gleam,

    As man embarks on a cosmic dream.

    Mars, the red planet, a target in sight,

    A new frontier, a daring flight.

    Colonies shall rise, on foreign lands,

    Expanding humanity's ambitious plans.

    But challenges await, in this unknown space,

    As humans adapt, to an alien place.

    2084 – Cyborgs become a reality

    The perfect melding of man and machine, for so long something out of the pages of a Sci-Fi novel, will become a reality in just 61 years' time, our technological prophet predicts.

    Perhaps this isn't a huge surprise given the incredibly technological leaps we're already making in this area, but the AI bot thinks things will get even more impressive once we break this "new frontier".

    Have a read of the prediction in full below:


    In the year two-thousand-and-eighty-four,

    A discovery awaits, to open a new door.

    A breakthrough in science, mysterious and grand,

    Unveiling the secrets of our own strand.

    A new frontier, of brain-machine fusion,

    Enhancing cognition, a grand inclusion.

    With neural interfaces, and minds entwined,

    New possibilities of knowledge, to unwind.

    2085 – Deadly new pandemic breaks out

    Just some 65 years after mankind's Covid crisis, it looks like we'll be hit by another lethal bug – but it isn't all bad news.

    AI Nostradamus foresees that this terrible 'disease unknown' will in fact ring in a new era of cooperation between all nations on Earth.

    What do you think:


    In the year eighty-five, a disease unknown,

    Shall grip the world, with a fearful tone.

    Pandemic anew, with its deadly might,

    Humanity's resilience, put to the test, in this fight.

    Unity and science shall prevail,

    As mankind unites, to break the ail.

    A lesson learned, to cherish health,

    And value life, more than wealth.

    2099 – 'Peace on Earth'

    In what we must admit seems a remarkably convenient turn of events, our AI seer predicts the long-dreamed of world peace finally becoming a reality in the final year of the 21st century.

    Maybe all that work mankind's scientists did together to fight off the 2085 pandemic laid the foundations for a permanent peace across the globe.

    All we know is, we certainly hope this is one prediction AI Nosty gets right:


    In the year ninety-nine, a peace profound,

    Shall blanket nations, all around.

    A world once torn, by war and strife,

    Shall find harmony, and a new lease on life.

    Boundaries erased, divisions erased,

    As humanity unites, with love and grace.

    A vision realized, of peace on Earth,

    A triumph of unity, and its glorious worth.

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