Alien news: ‘China has its hands on alien technology’ claim after UFO video

A brief clip from TikTok user @goldninjatw shows a truck carrying a huge disc through a city centre. The video on TikTok garnered more than 100,000 views, with some claiming it is evidence of alien technology.

As the truck passes, the person filming the object can be heard clearly saying “UFO”.

Conspiracy theorists jumped on the sighting, and believe it is proof China has its hands on alien technology.

Prominent UFO believer Scott C Waring said it is clear evidence of alien technology and believes China will be using it in the future.

However, exactly what technology the truck was carrying is unclear.

Mr Waring wrote on his blog UFO Sightings Daily: “In the five-second video we see a semi-truck pulling a trailer and on the trailer is a huge disk with windows all around it.

“The disk is very thick on its edge, but its centre and thicker around its centre.

“You can really hear the excitement and astonishment in the man’s voice as he exclaims ‘UFO!’.

“Also it looks like the driver was so distracted by the UFO that he may have driven right into a light pole in the centre of the road. Sure hope he’s OK.

“Absolutely alien technology in Chinese hands. Now the real question is; what are they going to use it for and what is it capable of doing?”

Others, however, were not so convinced China has alien technology in its grasp.

Rather, people say it could be the top of a drill used for boring.

One person commented on a YouTube video created by Mr Waring saying: “That I suspect is a massive part for a tunnel boring machine.

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“Not the cutter but likely a support housing for the cutter. But yes, a tunnel boring machine part.”

Another person said: “Could be a ring gear for a massive kiln or roller mill. Seen similar things at mines. If its a cast item it could be transported to machining.”

Mr Waring, however, does believe that humanity is ready for an alien revelation, and believes the coronavirus pandemic has toughened us up.

He said: “Much like COVID-19 did to the people in each country as it spread, because the public once believed that such a pandemic would be impossible, and yet, the human race has changed their perspective on that very fast.

“That’s how disclosure of intelligent aliens would be, but it would not kill people or frighten them as much.”

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