Aliens filmmaker questions if humans are living in a computer game

The creator of new film God Vs Aliens, which questions whether we’re living in a computer game, believes: “We’re getting closer to the truth.”

Producer, writer and narrator of the documentary Mark Lee explores Simulation Theory – which X boss Elon Musk believes in – claiming the odds of us living, in reality, are a billion to one. On the theory proposed by Swedish philosopher Nick Bostrom in 2003, he says: “I’ve been interested in UFOs since I was a child and researching for 20 years – I have a science degree, so take it rationally.

“Could life be a computer game? I don’t claim to have all the answers but there’s something going on. The question is, ‘Who is controlling the computer game and why?’

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“There’s definitely something pilots are seeing up there with technology to keep a lid on it. This film is about the impact it will have on religions if we are not alone.”

Nick Pope, who ran the UK’s UFO desk for the Ministry of Defence in the 90s, features in the film that questions if the paranormal, UFOs and artificial intelligence are all connected.

“Nick says, ‘What if aliens impose their own crazy religions on us?’” reveals producer Mark. "It would be reverse colonialism or they would be so advanced, they’ve worked out there’s not a god.”

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There’s also the question of whether ETs are human spirits who have passed on and are living alongside us, as psychic medium Dominic Boag told the Daily Star last month.

Mark says: “The way science is evolving, there is stuff with quantum physics that cannot be explained – we don’t know how the universe works. There could be other dimensions which explain things not based here in this reality.

“Maybe paranormal would be humans and aliens. I’ve spoken to various psychics who say there are other beings in different frequencies we can’t see.

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“Aliens could be spirits – I’m open to that idea.” A childhood paranormal experience made Mark suspect there’s something beyond our knowledge.

He says: “I was four or five years old when a big face appeared on a wall and was shining bright. I thought it was an angel. There was something in the room.

“My childhood was fine and after that, bad things happened. But I took that as a sign everything would be OK in the end.”

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Harvard University professor Abraham “Avi” Loeb also featured in the documentary along with Seth Shostak, the chief astronomer from the scientific group Search For Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence and alleged UFO abductee Tony Topping.

Mark says: “Avi Loeb is brilliant. We talk in detail about how artificial intelligence will help with finding alien life, and if we are visited how it’s probably by a drone rather than skin and blood. They may be bypassing us as well and contact our AI.

“AI will never have a soul or consciousness, which separates us from them. Maybe the US government knows the truth but it’s so weird they don’t want to let it out.

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“We’ve been fed alien stories for so long in films we could cope with it. Even Steven Spielberg thinks they are all time travellers and he’s been researching it for a long time.

“Tony Topping claims to have been abducted by aliens and says the universe is full.”

So how will we find out the truth once and for all?

God Versus Aliens is streaming now on Ayozat.

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