Only people with X-ray vision can spot the girl hiding among the flamingos

Brainteasers and brain puzzles are an interesting way not only to fill time on the morning or evening commute but to stretch the mind as well.

The brain, like other muscles in the body, needs to be pushed and stretched in order to be at its most effective. Brainteasers, crosswords, and sudokus help to do that by exercising certain parts of the brain.

This brainteaser from Bright Side is no different. It is an observational test filled with bright pink flamingos and flowers.

Your task is to find the little girl in the brainteaser as fast as possible. 

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Did you solve the brainteaser? No worries if not, the answer is above.

The little girl is circled in red on the left hand side of the image.

By helping to stretch the mind and keep it engaged, brainteasers and other mental exercises could prolong mental sharpness.

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