Antarctica mystery as Google Earth user spots ‘two-mile-long ancient wall’

A truthseeker has found a mysterious object in Antarctica on Google Earth which he says has the appearance of an "ancient Babylonian monolith".

Youtube user MrMBB333 shared his finding of the "huge structure" yesterday.

In the narrated video, he zooms in on what looks like a curving fortification wall and two pyramid-like buildings partially buried in the deep snow and ice.

He told his 384,000 subscribers: “There’s something underneath the snow and ice over here to the left that looks like one unified structure – that looks like a perimeter wall.

“It looks like it was built with purpose.

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“That wall, or whatever that perimeter is, is nearly two miles long.”

He added that it was “quite large” which was why he’d dubbed the object a “monolith”.

“It’s a huge structure, but that’s only the beginning.

Zooming in on an area of the “wall” which appears to have distinct edges, he continues: “Let me measure the side-to-side here and show you how thick this is and that looks like a structure right there.”

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He found out it was 400 yards wide – roughly a quarter of a mile.

The Youtube user then pans over to the other side of the “structure” where two pyramid-like shapes can be seen.

He says: “This side here has some unique features too and you’re already beginning to see it.

“Exterior 45 degree angles, not only one but two.”

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Panning to the left, he adds: “This one over here is 880ft tall, just simply incredible.”

He said that looking at the features you can see tree-like geoglyphs on top which don’t look like “random acts of nature”.

Reckoning they were “built with purpose” he says the features look like a 6000-year-old Babylonian ziggurat in Sumeria – now Iraq.

The video has been watched more than 22,000 times since it was uploaded by MrMBB333.

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Fans had their own theories about the mystery object, with some very far-out ideas.

Commenting on the video, one person wrote: "Those are necromancer things. They did evil.

"We do not want that back."

Indicating that they thought it was evidence of Big Foot, a second said: "Sasquatch House. You’re welcome."

"It's the ruins of pre-Noah's flood civilization, just like those undersea," guessed another person.

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