BBC ‘rat catcher’ star exposed as ‘serial killer’ hunter with secret trophy room

A BBC 'rat catcher' has been branded 'one of Britain's most prolific serial killers' after his secret trophy room of hunted animals including lions, hippos and leopards was exposed.

Ricky Clark, a pest controller who starred in the BBC's The Rat Pack, was rumbled by an investigation that found he has sensationally completed 20 safaris in at least 11 African countries and has over 100 kills, according to The Times.

Clark has now been described as a “serial killer” in an advertisement by The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting, an organisation working to abolish trophy hunting.

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The organisation have placed adverts outside Parliament and railway stations saying Clark is a killer and remains "at large".

As well as in Africa, Clark has killed animals in Kyrgyzstan, Canada, Hungary, Finland, Spain, France and the Czech Republic and admitted to slaughtering leopards in a chat with an undercover reporter.

"I shot one in self defence at eight yards. I shot him in the nose," Mr Clark recalled of a trip to Namibia, according to The Times.

"I was hunting something else and he came for me."

Clark, who has a room in his home stuffed with 50 of his kills, killed another leopard in Zambia while reportedly using a slain hippo as bait.

He recalled: "That was an incredible experience. I shot buffalo, big bushbuck, a civet cat, a leopard and a hyena and some impala and some other s**t."

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Eduardo Goncalves, founder of the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting, told MailOnline that Clark "has one of the largest personal collections of hunting trophies in Britain."

Mr Goncalves alleged that he "even had to build a new extension to his home to house them all."

"Like a number of other British trophy hunters, he has killed so many animals that he meets the FBI's definition of 'serial killer,'" the activist said.

He continued: "Ricky Clark has shot lions, elephants, hippos, leopards, zebras, hyenas and many many more. Cutting off the feet of an elephant that he's shot for fun and turning them into umbrella stands is just sick."

It comes as The Hunting Trophies (Import Prohibition) Bill, introduced by Henry Smith MP, will bid to ban the import of hunting trophies from species of conservation concern.

The Bill is scheduled for Second Reading in the Commons tomorrow, November 25.

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