Trans teacher whose large fake breasts went viral goes skydiving with adult star

A transgender teacher who wore huge prosthetic breasts with tight-fitted clothing to class has gone skydiving with a male pornstar.

Kayla Lemieux, a manufacturing technology teacher at Oakville Trafalgar High School in Ontario, Canada, recently made headlines after she was pictured teaching a class while wearing massive prosthetic breasts.

Kayla, formerly known as Stephen Hanna, is said to have started transitioning to a female last year.

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The images quickly went viral, with some people criticising the school, and now it has transpired that Kayla has been having fun with a porn star called Voodoo, whose real name is Alexandre Boisvert.

He said that he took Lemieux skydiving back in October and wrote in the caption in one of the tweeted photos: "I took him skydiving and his hair came off. No problems with the huge fake breasts. Those stayed in place."

Prior to going on the dive, he wrote: "Taking the #Oakville #transgender shop teacher on a skydive. This should be interesting. No way that wig stays on."

Just before the jump he said: "About to throw the #Oakville #transgender #teacher out of a plane. S*** is about to get real. Stay tuned."

Afterwards, he tweeted: "All it took was one bump from the camera man and their [sic] goes the wig folks. I think dudes real hair looks better anyway."

The teacher uses she/her pronouns and so was misgendered by Boisvert, perhaps accidentally.

Voodoo, a skydiving instructor, has also appeared in 350 porn movies, according to Mail Online.

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The Toronto Sun reported that Lemieux has been off work this week after being fitted with a boot cast due to an unknown injury that hampered her mobility, meaning a sub teacher was brought in.

That followed two bomb threats against the school that forced students to be sent home.

Following the initial outrage over the images of Kayla, the Halton District School Board defended the teacher and said it would no longer answer questions about the issue because it was a "personnel matter".

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