Beloved goose ‘dies of broken heart’ after her ‘soulmate’ froze to death on lake
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    A goose has died of a broken heart after her "soulmate" froze to death stuck in ice last week.

    Less than a week of living without Hansel had passed, before Gretel the goose succumbed to her depression and died on Monday, GrimsbyLive reports.

    The pair were bonded for life at Cleethorpes Boating Lake in Lincolnshire, but last week's freezing weather caused Hansel to die stuck under the icy water.

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    Volunteers from Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue leapt into action on Tuesday, December 13 and managed to pull half-frozen Gretel out in a critical condition but were too late for Hansel.

    Two days later, Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue said of Gretel: "She’s eating, drinking and most importantly she’s now standing and walking on her own again.

    "She has got a hobble at the minute but this is due to her grinding her nails down when trying to get out the ice – like us when we cut our nails too short, it can hurt!

    "She’s still very sad about the loss of Hansel but we’re giving her as much enrichment as possible to keep her distracted."

    But sadly, the voluntary organisation subsequently took to its Facebook page on Monday to announce the tragic news of Gretel's death. They wrote: "It’s with extremely heavy hearts that we announce the loss of Gretel who passed away in comfort at the rescue this morning.

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    "Sadly the loss of her partner was too much for her and despite everyone’s best efforts, we had noted she was getting more and more depressed without him.

    "We always knew this was a possibility with them being such bonded birds but as with all rescues, we always hope and aim for the best result.

    "This is the last known photo of them together in peace at theboating lake, taken at roughly 5pm the night before the big freeze which trapped them both in ice.

    "We know they were such loved birds at the boating lake and it’s been a difficult for all of us here too… Our condolences to everyone who will be feeling this loss! Rest in peace, fly high and you’re back reunited with Hansel."

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    Hundreds of people flocked to the comments section to express their sadness at the news.

    "You could not have done more for them. She passed away in comfort though sad. She will now be reunited with her soulmate and both will be happy again," wrote Sylvia Anderson.

    Jane Lesley Jackson said: "This story has been so awfully tragic and there was so much worry for what the future held for poor Gretel – sadly now more heartbreak. Poor, poor birds, they clearly needed each other. Each time we visit the lake in the future, will beemotional. Thank you for caring CWR."


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