Santa is an alien and ETs visit us over Xmas because of lights, UFO hunter says

A UFO hunter has made the controversial claim that Father Christmas could be an alien.

Russ Kellett, 58, believes Santa could be from outer space, and that extra-­terrestrials visit Earth during the festive period because of all the fairy lights.

The author, from Filey, North Yorks, said: “Father Christmas has always been depicted as a jolly old, bearded man in a red suit and hat that flies reindeer.

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“But he could very well be a warped version of what people have imagined all these years and could in fact have come from someone spotting an alien ship in the sky on Christmas Eve.

“It’s more logical that he’s an alien than anything else, but everyone would much prefer to believe in the fairy-tale version of flying reindeer and a sleigh.”

Russ even believes that festive lights attract aliens.

He said: “One December, a friend and I were out walking in the local park, Crescent Gardens, and decided to take in the very clear night sky whilst we stood next to a beautifully decorated band stand.

“As we kept looking up, we noticed two bright balls in the sky just hovering over the band stand, almost like a pair of bright fiery eyes looking back down at us. I believe that it was a craft just admiring how beautifully decorated the park and bandstand were.

“I’m pretty certain I got abducted after a Christmas party at work in the 1980s, which goes to show just how much the festive period draws them in.”

It comes after a Pentagon investigation found that the US military was "potentially under threat" from UFOs.

The team tasked with researching unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) have not yet discovered proof aliens have visited Earth.

But they did issue warnings about the dangers mysterious craft could pose.

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