‘Bigfoot in Wales’ as experts discover 16-inch prints and hidden woodland lair
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    Investigators reckon Bigfoot may be lurking in Wales after monster footprints were found.

    The tracks measure 16 inches – the same size as basketball player Shaquille O'Neal's feet.

    The researchers who found the footprints also discovered a primitive shelter they believe could have been made by a Sasquatch. The stick structure and footprints were close together in an area of woodland near Caerphilly.

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    Investigators were in the area working on a new TV series. Canadian Bigfoot researcher Jason Kenzie said: "It could possibly be a Sasquatch footprint. The toes are clear, but I don't see a midtarsal break.

    "The midtarsal break is an anatomical feature of the feet believed to be unique to Sasquatch, which is sometimes visible in its tracks.

    "Unfortunately this evidence is inconclusive because nobody saw what made the footprints, but based on the size alone, it does look closer to an unknown creature than a typical human."

    It is not the first time people have claimed Bigfoot could be living in Wales. In 2016 a man said he spotted a hairy beast near Caerphilly Mountain, and apparently managed to capture footage.

    The research team claimed a Freedom of Information request was made to North Wales Police in early 2021. It asked for the details of any police reports that mentioned the terms "bigfoot", "sasquatch", "yeti", "ape figure", "bear-like" or "wildman".

    However, the researchers claim North Wales Police declined to fulfil this request due to time constraints.

    It comes after a teenager sent DNA samples from a footprint he found near Bridgwater for analysis. Daniel Barnett, 14, became fascinated by Bigfoot after he and his grandfather watched a documentary, and has since been hunting for the beast in the UK.

    SGS – a world leading testing, inspection and certification company – looked at his samples. The firm said: "We did manage to get enough DNA and some solid species detections. We detected Eastern Gray Squirrels and Common Pheasant and also various large mammals like Roe Deer, Wild Boar, European Badger and Homo Sapiens (humans) that could have left the tracks.

    "But we also classified some DNA sequences to the family Hominidae, the taxonomic group to which humans belong and Cercopithecidae, the family of Old World Apes. Those last two classifications obviously trigger some speculation."

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