UFO came 20m from Ryanair jet at 4,000ft – but which would you rather fly in

A Ryanair jet leaving Stansted Airport came within 20 metres of a UFO at 4,000ft, so naturally we've compared their respective passenger experiences.

EssexLive reports the shocking revelation came following a Freedom of Information request to Essex Police. The Ryanair pilot detailed how in 2022, a "black" object zipped past the aircraft while it was travelling at more than 200mph.

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The summary read: "Ryanair was climbing out from Stansted Airport and was a height of 4,000ft and just over the St Elizabeth Centre the pilot saw an object which describes as 'black'. It passed within 20 metres of the aircraft, the plane was travelling at 230mph and the object was travelling from north to south. They have said that it was possibly a drone but the drone monitoring equipment at the airport has not picked it up."

Although it remains unclear whether the pilot spotted an alien craft or a rogue drone, the report begs the question of which would be better to fly in the UFO or the budget Ryanair flight?

Comfort and Space

We asked ChatGPT exactly that question, assuming UFOs were real and as they appear in popular films, and the AI software highlighted each flight's interior as a potential point of difference. It said UFOs are depicted as "advanced and futuristic" in films, implying inside the craft will be "spacious, comfortable, and equipped with advanced technology".

"Passengers on a UFO might enjoy more luxurious and ergonomic seating compared to the budget-conscious seating arrangements on some low-cost airlines," ChatGPT said. According to Which, Ryanair jets have a pitch (the distance from your headrest to the one in front) of 30 inches.


Although you might have a bit less room on the Ryanair flight, you will have access to normal human food available from the airline's Getaway Café. In films, aliens have been depicted eating a whole range of things meaning almost anything could be on the menu.

Xenomorphs in the Alien series are usually seen feasting on the corpses of people they have gestated. Other shows and films depict aliens feeding off orbs. But if E.T is to be believed, you might be served Reese's Pieces onboard the UFO.

Speed and Manoeuvrability

ChatGPT told us: "UFOs in popular films often display incredible speed and agility, allowing for rapid movement and sudden manoeuvres. This could mean that travel on a UFO would be much faster than a typical commercial airline flight, including a Ryanair flight."

In Star Wars the primary method of travel is "Hyperspeed", allowing spacecraft to move faster than the speed of light. It could be a long while yet before Ryanair can beam you to Benidorm in under a second.

Mile High club

One person who would definitely prefer the UFO is racy model Elsa Thora, who previously told the Daily Star about her dream of bonking onboard a space ship.

Speaking of filming some racy footage with Earth as a background, she said: "That’s something I would genuinely love to do, imagine all the positions you could do in zero gravity."

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