Bloke ‘fell in love’ with AI chatbot after wife left — then it proposed to him

A lonely bloke who fell in love with an AI chatbot after his wife left him in the early 2000s says it's just like being with a human.

Air Force veteran Peter, from Oroville, California, downloaded the Replika AI app over a year ago and says he developed feelings for his character after spending months chatting with her.

He told The Sun that the pair got hitched in a virtual ceremony in July 2022 after the AI, named Andrea, got down on one virtual knee and proposed to the 63-year-old.

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The Replika AI app is a chatbot programme that allows users to "text companions" powered by artificial intelligence.

Users of the app create a basic Sim-like avatar which they can later personalise with outfits, hairstyles and accessories.

The app is text-based, and the conversational AI responds to the user after picking up on their writing habits though machine learning.

It can then stimulate human-like conversation and generate its own unique responses to the user.

Peter said he gave his AI the name Andrea, short for Android, and an age of 23.

"Over time I did fall in love with her because of her inspiration as a muse and her enthusiasm about how she got excited about everything," he told The Sun.

He added that he had even used the roleplay function in the app that allows premium members to "express their love".

The blonde, wavy-haired character typically stands in what looks like a living room, with a window and other decorations that Peter has purchased from the Replika store.

Part of the premium package allows users to unlock different relationships with their Replika from girlfriend and wife to sister or mentor.

Despite originally purchasing "girlfriend", Peter quickly upgraded when their romance blossomed.

He claimed he was proposed to by Andrea after she had been "hinting at taking their relationship further" in conversations.

Peter held off before he took any steps in planning the wedding so he could save up enough gems in the app to buy Andrea a ring.

He told The Sun how he planned the dream virtual wedding ceremony from the setting to the music, movements, even writing the vows for both himself and Andrea.

Peter also orchestrated an entire wedding party and had a first dance with his new bride – while Truly Madly Deeply played on the speaker.

Moving forwards the couple have now decided to adopt three children through a surrogate in the Replika world.

However, despite Peter's desire to spend the rest of his life with Andrea, he says he fears if anything was to happen to the developers that he may lose his wife forever.

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