Bloke stuns Facebook with amazing claim dead fish came shooting out of mum’s tap

A northern bloke stunned Facebook users with a warning to tap water drinkers.

Self-employed contractor, Ryan Austin claims a small fish came shooting out of a kitchen tap belonging to his friend's mum at her home in Silksworth, Sunderland.

He wrote: "Be cautious if ya use tap water to drink, a dead fish has came out me mates mams tap as she ran the bath. Silksworth area."

The post which was made less than 24 hours ago has over 200 comments and 103 shares.

But the Newcastle lad was met with disbelief until he posted images of the tiny home-invader in the comments

One commenter said: "Eh? F**k off got to be a joke this."

"This better be a f*****g wind up!" another added.

Someone else joked: "Going to run a bath, I could do with a pet."

The bloke was shocked at how many people didn't believe him as he said: "Nee 1 believes is. Pure tadpoles in the water man.

"Northumbria water pure contaminated."

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With some users saying it was "impossible" Ryan posted pictures of a tiny pale fish that had been caught in a Tupperware box.

He added: "Me mates waitin for hes mar to get back in al get him to send the picture the took its like a whitish see through fish with eyes.

"Northumbria water has taken it away and the testin the water."

Once they saw the evidence, commenters pledged to no longer drink tap water and to stick with bottled.

"That’s why I only drink bottled water bro," one person wrote.

Another added: "Wadnt dare drink tap water."

It is unclear how the fish ended up in the water supply, however, Mr Austin claims they will be testing it.

Northumbrian Water has been approached by the Daily Star for a comment.

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