Brit films ‘UFO’ following plane before shooting off at ‘incredible speed’

A man is convinced he has captured an unidentified flying objects traveling at such speeds that “nothing on Earth” would be able to match it.

Malcolm Claxton noticed the supposed UFO above Grimsby on April 22 and quickly whipped out his camera to film it.

The video shows the apparent metallic object hovering in the distance as a plane flies past.

Every so often, according to Malcolm, it “turns invisible” but then reappears and continues to move parallel to the plane.

He claimed the object was in the sky for 40 minutes, adding: “Then when a plane came, it moved along with the plane. It kept disappearing and coming back. It moved with the plane, parallel."

But it was what happened shortly after he turned the camera off that truly perplexed him.

“I carried on watching it and it just shot off at an unbelievable speed,” he told GrimsbyLive.

“It left the plane for dead and was gone. Nothing on this Earth could have gone that fast.”

Even more bizarre is that Malcolm claims the sighting came exactly one year after another in Grimsby on April 22, 2020.

He said: “Would you believe it? I've even wrote on my calendar just to remind myself for next year to keep an eye in the sky.”

It is not the first time a mysterious object has been spotted in the skies above the north-eastern town.

Lee Rowlett captured a trio of white orbs floating above his home back in October 2020.

He told GrimsbyLive that he also spotted “another red orb” and claimed it was evidence of “a very advanced piece of technology”.

“I watched it teleport away towards the end after the video,” he continued.

“I thought they would just fade out but this thing shot off and then it was gone.”

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