Brothers spot tube-shaped UFO that eerily resembles spooky 16th century painting

Two brothers claimed to have spotted a UFO while chilling in their garden in broad daylight.

The tubular-shaped object was seen floating in the sky on October 21, 2021, but was only shared to the r/ufo subreddit in the early hours of this morning.

In the comments, the Reddit poster who uses the username MassacreYKS explained: "We stargaze, like to take amateur pictures of the sky etc.

"I posted this on another thread and he said as the night mode was used to take the picture, it keeps the shutter open longer and this is most likely a plane with two lights along the side and flashing red light in the centre and the camera shutter stayed open long enough to capture the middle light flashing."

Facinated by the image, which was taken on an iPhone 12, many Reddit users shared their theories.

One said: "The long thing looks like a satellite in low Earth orbit. It would need to be pretty low to be seen so clearly, but it's not all that unusual to see satellites after dark, since the sun would be reflecting on them.

"The only thing I find strange is that it is so low that you can make it out quite well. The other lights could be stars."

Another added: "Hmm, you know what's happening is we're living in 2021 and everyone in the universe is arriving to see our extinction."

A third wrote: "Solar Warden?"

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However, the post sparked speculation the UFO may be similar to those allegedly spotted in 1561 and documented in the Nuremberg UFO painting.

A user wrote: "Looks very similar to the objects in the Nuremberg UFO painting of the sighting they had in 1561.

The painting, printed in a broadsheet news article printed in April 1561, is believed to be of a mass sighting of celestial phenomena or unidentified flying objects, with many of them being round or tubular shaped.

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According to the paper "many men and women" of Nuremberg saw what the broadsheet describes as an aerial battle "out of the sun", followed by the appearance of a large black triangular object and exhausted combattant spheres falling to earth in clouds of smoke.

But not everyone was so convinced as some users said they believed that it was just an elongated image of a plane.

The sceptic commented: "That is an aeroplane caught with long exposure. Many of these have been debunked, some with way better quality."

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