Charming UK village is UFO hotspot with ‘NASA scientists showing interest’

A charming village located just 90 minutes away from Greater Manchester has become known as an unlikely UFO hotspot.

Like many of the quaint settlements in the Derbyshire Dales, Bonsall boasts pretty cottages, homely pubs and a tea room surrounded by gorgeous scenery.

However, unlike the surrounding villages, Bonsall has been the subject of interest from Hollywood and NASA regarding extraterrestrial goings-on, reports Manchester Evening News.

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A former pub landlord even used to take tourists up onto the nearby moors on 'UFO tours'.

In 2001, housewife Sharon Rowlands reportedly sold footage she had captured of a flying saucer for £20,000 to a Hollywood producer.

It is even said NASA officials asked to examine the tape as they believed it showed a similar type of craft once spotted by the space agency's cameras during the STS-75 Columbia Space Shuttle mission in early 1996.

On top of Ms Rowland's footage, in the early 2000s 19 sightings of UFOs were reported.

One woman reported seeing a "ball of fire" in the skies, another "two big, bright lights", and a man out walking his dog witnessed a "pink glow, vertically-shaped like a shoe box".

And if UFO sightings weren't strange enough, the village has its own unique, quirky tradition as each year people race hens against each other.

The annual feathered champion receives a bag of grain and a trophy.

The World Hen Racing Championship event takes place every August in the car park at the Barley Mow pub.

Participants can either bring their own hen or rent one for a £5 donation. The hens race a 30-foot course with the help of their owners.

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