Christian pastor claims this generation will ‘see the second coming of Jesus’

A Christian pastor has claimed that signs of the 'end of times' are already starting to show and that he believes this generation will see the return of Jesus.

Pastor Tom Hughes, who is known for spreading the word of his outlandish end-of-times theories on his YouTube channel, claimed in his latest prophecy update that Christ's second coming will be witnessed by today's generation.

In the video, which has gained more than 39,000 views, Hughes explained that a recent survey showed that only 6 per cent of Christians in the US have a biblical worldview, but this alone isn't proof enough of the end of times.

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He explained: "Jesus and his prophets gave us a number of signs to look for, furthermore – and this is the key, when you see all these things – the Bible is clear.

"The number one indication Jesus will return soon is all of the signs appearing at the same time, the converging of these things.

"The convergence of signs confirms that our generation will see the second coming, not according to me but according to Jesus."

He went on to list some of the signs, telling his followers to "hold onto their seats" as he claimed one of the signs is that Isreal will be back in the land and that Jewish people would be back in Jeruselum.

The pastor added that the gospel will be preached around the world and that more signs would come that would be "spiritual, natural, societal and political."


He then compared it to being similar to birth and contractions as the intensity will grow towards the end.

His followers seemed to believe the 'prophecy update' as they took to the comments praising God and expressing their hope that Jesus will save them from evil.

One user said: "Thank you Pastor Tom…you are literally breathless as you give God glory for an incredible convergence of prophetic signs."

Another added: "Praise God. Thank you for your hope. I'm so ready to see Jesus."

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A third wrote: "Greatly appreciate the amount of info you provide us each week. God bless!"

But not everyone was convinced as some non-believers took to the comments, as one disgruntled user wrote: "Before you quote a prophecy shouldn't you research who the author was and what track record they have prophesying…..

"Take Ezekiel, for instance, he made hundreds and hundreds of prophecies and got quite depressed and ridiculed by family, neighbours etc when none of them was fulfilled.

"I understand he even pissed god off enough to be told to lay on his side for ten months eating nothing but human shit. Surely no intelligent person would advocate taking any notice of his Prophecies!"


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