Mysterious legend of solider who ‘teleported’ from Philippines to Mexico

A Spanish soldier fell asleep in the Philippines and opened his eyes seconds later to find himself in Mexico

The folk legend says that on this night (October, 24) in 1593 a soldier named Gil Pérez was mysteriously transported from Manila in the Philippines to the Plaza Mayor (now the Zócalo) in Mexico City.

Twentieth-century paranormal investigators giving credence to the story have offered teleportation and alien abduction as explanations.

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His claim to have come from the Philippines was disbelieved by the Mexicans until his account of the assassination of the Philippines governor, Gómez Pérez Dasmariñas, was corroborated by the passengers of a ship which had crossed the Pacific Ocean with the news.

The incredible story started when Pérez was standing guard in the Plaza de Armas in Manila, Philippines.

Feeling exhausted, due to work and tension caused by the recent assassination of the governor, Pérez was fighting sleep.

The assassination at the hands of Chinese rowers, led not only to him but to all the military, to be on constant alert.

Overcome by drowsiness he leaned against a wall, inadvertently closed his eyes, and fell asleep, only to awaken in Mexico City, in the Viceroyalty of New Spain, thousands of kilometres across the ocean.

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Some guards found him in the wrong uniform and began to question who he was, and he was eventually placed in jail for being a deserter and servant of the devil.

News of the assassination of the Governor of the Philippines was still unknown to the people in Mexico City, it was only months later, news of the governor's death came to Mexico on a galleon from the Philippines.

One of the passengers recognised the imprisoned soldier and said that he had seen him in the Philippines a day after the death of the Governor.

He was eventually released from jail by the authorities and allowed to go back home.


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