Creepy deep-sea creature captured on camera leaving viewers terrified

A horrifying looking fish, seen only a couple of times over decades, has left the internet terrified.

The ogrefish sports a brown body, protruding razor sharp teeth and a white and brown etched face.

Lurking in the dark depths of the ocean, the fish moves slowly up and down as its beady eyes stare into the distance.

The clip was uploaded to Reddit with the caption: "The fang-tooth, or ogrefish, a rare deep sea creature.

"This fish has been spotted only a couple of times in decades of ocean expedition."

Over one million people have viewed the clip, many were left inquisitive after seeing the bizarre fish.

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One person asked: "What do they eat? I mean, aside from souls."

"Looking at its teeth, whatever flesh dares to go near it," another replied.

Another quipped: "Everything that brings you joy, leaving behind only terror and despair."

One viewer was able to shed light on the bizarre creature.

They said: "These fish don’t have a specific diet, they wait in the dark depths until evening when they rise to the upper layers of the ocean and rely on luck to find something edible, so they eat literally anything.

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"They are also thought to use what is known as chemosensory which relies on senses and nerves to detect whether something is hazardous."

The fangtooth fish is found at depths of 500 to 5,000m (10 to 16,400ft) and grows to around 18cm (7in).

It is considered to be predator and feeds on other fish, crustaceans and cephalopods but they are themselves preyed on by such fish like tuna.

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