Creepy dinosaur-looking skeleton discovered on Google Maps by sleuths

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A Google Maps user found some bizarre-looking skeletons on the site.

The picture, which features a room with what could be dinosaur skeletons, was posted on Reddit for a second opinion.

The original poster wrote: "I found a weird room."

It received a number of comments and questions with people seeking to find an explanation for the "weird room".

One person wrote: "The fact that there are random items on the floor make it creepier."

Another asked: "What is even happening here?" A third suggested: "Looks like stop motion shenanigans."

Other Google Maps fans were more interested about whether this means browsers can see inside rooms on the popular site.

One person asked: "You can see inside rooms with Google Maps?"

Someone responded: "If you take a 360 image and geotag it on Google Earth/Maps, people can go to the image on Street View."

"Get out of my house!" joked another user.

Other Reddit users were more confused by the location Google Maps throws up for the room.

One wrote: "Huh, I found that some room yesterday after a post linked here showing a random photosphere in the middle of the ocean caused me to zoom out and look at other photospheres in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean."

Another said: "I found this a long while back, strange why it is in the middle of the Southern Atlantic? its definitely not there."

Google Maps users are often coming across bizarre happenings on the site.

Recently one thought glowing houses was "proof of alien lasers".

And another was baffled by two people taking an "alternative shower" together.

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