Daft conspiracy theorists claim snow is ‘fake and part of government plot’

Snow is nothing more than a government – or Bill Gates – created trick according to barking mad conspiracy theorists.

As corners of Britain brace to be battered by snowfall in the coming days, we can only hope that a bizarre TikTok trend of trying to melt it remains dead in the water.

For those living in corners of the world unfamiliar with below freezing climes, suddenly being blanketed by white stuff will likely cause excitement and alarm in equal measure.

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Yet, so alien is the concept of snow for some people that in recent freak cold snaps they've set it upon themselves to prove what may just be the daftest conspiracy theory of the lot.

Residents in Texas, US, who had seemingly never seen snow before, concluded in February 2021 that it was fake and shared their findings on social media.

The reason being, of course, to plunge the second largest state into chaos just because…

One woman who filmed herself holding a cigarette lighter to a snowball over a sink at home, said: "This goes out to our government and Bill Gates. Thank you Bill Gates for trying to f***ing trick us that this is real snow.

“You’ll see it’s not melting and it’s going to burn. Snow don’t burn. Snow f***ing melts. No water, no dripping, no nothing. If I put this s*** in the microwave, it’s going to start sparking because there’s metal mixed in it.”

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The Independent reported that in another clip, a woman moulds a ball out of slushy snow from her garden and proceeds to hold it above a tiny tealight.

"It's not melting," she repeats while showing the ball to be charred.

Several more videos similar shared on TikTok, Facebook and Instagram were captioned along the lines of “Need some explaining…” and “Anyone played with the government generated snow yet?”

Fingers were also pointed towards some shady 'elite' conspiracy years earlier when another city in the south, Atlanta, Georgia, became coated in snow.

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To his despair, science writer Phil Plait debunked the wild theories in February 2014.

Phil explained: “As the snow melts, the remaining snow absorbs the water. That’s why it doesn’t appear to drip; the snowball becomes a slushball.

“Lots of people made videos showing the snowball not dripping so it looks like it’s not actually melting, but this is a classic case of confirmation bias. They only tested this part way; they didn’t finish the test by letting the snowball actually melt!

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“The black scorch marks are actually from the lighters themselves. Butane is a hydrocarbon, a molecule made up of carbon and hydrogen.

"When you burn it, the molecule reacts with oxygen in the air, breaking the bonds between atoms, and reforming new molecules. If the burning were perfect, all you’d have left is carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H20)."


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