Desperate Russians are buying ‘mystery stew’ but nobody knows what is in it

A warning has been issued to desperate and hungry Russian's who have been buying a “suspicious stew” from store shelves.

The strange tinned stew, labelled as “thundering” and “scandalous” by Russian officials, has been flying off the shelves in the Buryatia region, close to the contested Crimea where has also been found for sale.

It appears that it was made in the area, but nobody knows who by or how it got onto shelves.

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And this has prompted Denis Leonov, from the Public Chamber of the Republic of Buryatia to warn locals from buying it.

He said: “That stew in the Crimea is now 'thundering', but, thank God, they figured out that these were not volunteers (who put it on store shelves).

“I am very happy about this, because it would be very unpleasant that this happened because of one negligent person.

“Crimea is like a passage yard, whoever wants to go there, who brought this stew there is not clear.”

The tins, of which images went viral on Russian social media networks, bare the logo of the Buryatmyasprom company, but are not thought to have been made by them.

Sold for just 100 rubles – or around £1.22 – it was rumoured that the tins were actually made as humanitarian aid for Ukrainian's fighting Russia but were stolen and put up for sale – but this has not been confirmed.

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The contents of the tins is thought to contain some kind of mysterious meat chunks with unidentifiable vegetables – but no ingredient label exists.

Leonov told Russian news outlet MK that an investigation into the “scandalous stew” are ongoing.

Buryatmyasprom provides the largest range of canned meat products in the Buryatia region.

They have been in business for more than 80 years, and in 2019 officials from North Korea were given a tour of the factory during a visit to the country.

The Daily Star has reached out to the company for a comment.

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